7 products you should avoid using on your raw Hair

About Raw Hair 7 products you should avoid using on your raw Hair
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7 products you should avoid using on your raw Hair

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You must have asked, now that I have my raw hair extension, what is the best way to maintain it? Raw hair extensions are quite an investment and to make sure this hair lasts as long as it should, they are products you should never use on them.

Raw hair extension is just like your natural hair since it was collected from a donor (a real human being) and needs the exact treatment you will give your natural hair. If not more, because this hair no longer gets the nutrients from its donor.

Therefore, raw hair extensions require extra care and there are so many hair products that are to be avoided in order to maintain healthy lustrous hair at all times. Below we will list things you should always avoid adding to your raw hair extensions.

Silicone Based Products

Silicone-based products give hair a fake shine. It allows unhealthy hair to temporarily look and feel hydrated and healthy, but actually work to dehydrate the hair further.

These Silicones are polymers, which are large molecules composed of many repeated sub-units. These polymers are made up of siloxane – a chain of alternating silicon atoms and oxygen atoms frequently combined with carbon or hydrogen. Silicon is usually an element found in sand, where it is extracted from and passed through hydrocarbons.

Although it might serve as a solution for a bad hair day for short time use. We strongly advise that you avoid all products with this ingredient but rather, use natural or organic products for your hair.

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Silicone adds artificial shine to your hair
Alcohol-Based Products

Alcohol-based products are not good for the hair because it drys the hair of its moisture. However, there are essentially two classes of alcohol. The one that is good for your hair and the bad ones that will completely ruin your hair.

For example, alcohol that contains ingredients like; Cetyl, Stearyl, Cetearyl, Myristyl, behenyl and lauryl is good for your hair. They are mostly fatty alcohols that actually give your hair moisture when used. Whereas, alcohol-based products that contain; denat, ethanol, SD alcohol 40, propanal, isopropyl, and propyl are bad for your hair.

These bad alcohols are usually found in gels and mousse, so be vigilant when buying these styling products Sis.

Sulfate Based Shampoos

Sulfates are ingredients commonly used in soaps, shampoos, detergents, toothpaste, and other products that we expect to lather. Equally, they are active cleaning agents in shampoos. Sparse or occasional use of sulfate-containing products don’t seem to do too much harm to your hair, but consistent and continuous use can make your hair brittle and dry to the touch. This is because, as well as removing dirt build-up, sulfate also strips hair of its nutrients and essential oils.

In other to maintain healthy hair and make your raw hair last longer. It is crucial you avoid such products. We also advise you to use sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners.

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Protein-Based Products

Protein is not entirely bad for your hair but however, you need to be cautious while using it. A good protein treatment can help your hair feel healthier and softer. But too much of a good thing can eventually wreck everything. In other words, this is to say that too much protein is dangerous, as it may cause hair to lose its natural elasticity and can lead to breakage. If at all you want to use protein-based products, do that sparingly.

Apart from the above-listed products, they are other ingredients you should be wary of.


Parabens prevents the growth of microbes and bacteria in your hair, leading to a cleaner and lighter hair. However, it is dangerous for your skin. Prolonged skin contact with products that contain parabens can result in hormonal imbalances in women as well as potentially lead to a higher risk of certain cancers.

Cocamide DEA

Products with this ingredient should be avoided when choosing hair products for your hair. Although the use of these products has been banned in many countries you should always look out for it in your hair products.

Diethanolamine and Triethanolamine

Diethanolamine and Triethanolamine, or DEA and TEA are ethanolamines compounds used in cosmetic products, primarily as foaming agents. They actually have been cleared as “safe” for use as long as you limit your use and wash it out of your hair daily. To be safe we advise you to invest in more natural and organic hair products, this way you won’t have to worry at all.

We hope this article was helpful? Let us know your thought in the comment section.

Keep slaying Queens! xx

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