Are you looking for the best curly hair extension for your next sew-in or wig? Or just curious about curly weaves and wish to know everything about this beautiful hair trend? No worries, We are about to give you a breakdown of all the five curly hair extensions on the market today.

If you ever you decide to invest in curly hair extension. You should note that there are five types of curly hair extensions. Also note that in order to enjoy these curls, you should invest in raw hair, as it is the best hair type on the market. These raw hair types come as Burmese hair, Indian hair, Vietnamese hair, and Cambodian hair.

Back to curls, each curly hair type has its distinct feature and it totally depends on the look you are aiming for. Below we will list and describe each of these curly hair types and ways to identify them.  

Loose Curly

If you are looking for curls that are not too curly then loose curly weaves are the best bet. These weaves types have natural loose curls and look more relax when installed. It has this distinct feature of locks resembling an S pattern and comes in different types, e.g, the Deep Wave, Deep Curly, Body wave, e.t.c. These curly hair types often come as top choices for women trying out curls for the first time. 

Below are images and descriptions of the Loose curls extension. However loose curly is called body wave by some women.

Deep Wave – This curl is a perfect option for people looking for thicker curls. Deep wave weave hair has tight and thicker features. The texture is smooth, soft but thicker than body waves.  Equally, deep waves are spiral and because of its thickness, it is usually full and bouncy. 

Deep Curly – This hair type is a great option for women who have natural curls, but lacks thickness. Deep curly provides length and adds a lot of volume to your hair. Unlike deep waves, it is tighter and gives a more natural look.

Aunty Funmi Hair

Aunty Funmi curls have become one of the favorite curly hair extensions for many black women. This hair type is popularly known for its bouncy curls. This hair type gives you a very thick look, equally, the curls are attention-grabbing and it is very easy to maintain.

Kinky Curls 

If you are looking to add an extra volume to your hair,  kinky curl is the best hair type for that. It has a natural-looking texture, lots of fluff that bounce. In addition, kinky hair is ideal for that black girl’s power personality look.

Pixie Curls

This is another type of luxury bouncy curls. Pixies usually come in a soft and smooth texture, either in its short or long curly extensions. It is also a great option for women looking for comfort and elegance.

Baby Curls

Just like the name suggest. Baby curl extensions have this baby hair curly look. These curls look like real baby hair when installed and it is one of the most popular curly hair extensions on the market because of its smooth and fluffy texture.

Now you know all the five types of curly hair extensions on the market. We will further look at the best ways to maintain it. Curls are delicate, and it requires extra care because of its pattern. To maintain a curly hair extension and retain its features, here are some effective tips you might want to take note of.


First, before using your shampoo, ensure that your hair is tangle-free. Use a wide-tooth comb or a detangling brush to detangle your hair. Also, note that you are never to comb your dry curly weaves. 


Secondly, endeavor to shampoo your curly weaves at least once a week. Apply your shampoo carefully on your wet hair first. Avoid rubbing the hair together while it is wet until comb out any tangles. Then proceed to wash them in a downward direction, after that, moisturize the hair with conditioner.

If you are using raw hair extension, we advise you to go for sulfate-free shampoo or use organic hair care products. 


Ensure your weaves tangle-free and comb them gently, avoiding excess tension on your weaves. Support your weaves while brushing and style them in a bun or let them loose.

Curly hair is always a style that never gets old, we hope you get the best out of it.

So tell us which one are you going for? Happy hair day dolls! xx

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