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It can be confusing trying to find the right hair on the market today. Coupled with the trend of hair labelling by vendors as a market tactic to sell their wares, this has even made it a herculean task trying to get the right hair.

Steam processed hair oftentimes is called virgin hair, even Remy hair and other names some vendors find it fit to call it. Most times these hair type is even paraded by some vendors as authentic and as the highest hair grade.


[caption id="attachment_19676" align="alignnone" width="1030"]Curly hair Curly Hair[/caption]

Here, we will go hard on all the details you need to know about steam processed hair. 

What is steam processed hair?

Steam processing refers to using vapor to create a consistent curl pattern in hair, usually, no chemicals are used. The essence of steaming hair is to achieve the same curls or patterns in hair from its root to tip.

It should interest you to know that most curly and wavy hair textures are steamed or chemically processed to achieve its curls. Most curly hair extensions like body wave, loose wave and the market labels like, Malaysian, Brazilian, Peruvian curlies are all steam processed to achieve a particular hair pattern. However, only raw unprocessed hair is not altered to create a particular pattern.

Burmese Curls
Raw Burmese curls with no steam

Steam processing uses filtered water to create steam and heat to open the cuticle and make the hair more impressionable and easier to style. The hair is steamed to give it a perfect texture.

Does steamed hair last?

You might want to know whether this hair texture and pattern last forever after been steamed. The truth is many of these hair types steamed to achieve a certain pattern doesn't last long. Steam processing hair for style only alters the hair for a short period of time, after long periods of use, the style will become less and less distinct.

Therefore, if your hair is not of a certain texture or curl pattern naturally you will notice that after repeated straightening, the curl pattern loosens and does not revert to be the exact shape.

On the other hand, some hair types are changed permanently with chemicals, this hair is often referred to as being ‘Steam Permed’. This process is much different from simple steam processing. To ‘Steam Perm’ hair, you must apply a chemical, referred to as ‘waving lotion’ to the hair to soften the chemical structure of the hair. 

The only hair that comes with its natural texture and pattern is raw hair. This raw hair comes just the way it has been collected from its donor. It is only washed and cleansed just like how you will wash your actual hair.


Does steaming hair damage the hair?

Although steam processing hair doesn't alter the hair pattern permanently it can still alter the hair cuticle. It can further make the hair strands not align in the same direction. That's why raw hair is the best regardless.

What makes Raw Hair better?

Yes, raw hair is definitely better because it is unprocessed. Equally, you don't have to worry about whether its cuticles are aligned and in the same direction. Or if its texture will gradually change with time. The thing is, with raw hair you are safe and don't have to question its quality.

[caption id="attachment_19350" align="aligncenter" width="1080"]Cambodian Wavy (Steamed) Raw Hair From Dellahs Hair Opal Wig[/caption]

Here are some features of raw hair that makes it the best.

Unprocessed– Raw hair is 100% Unprocessed Human Hair, which means that it has not been chemically treated, permed or steam treated to alter its natural state. Its 3 usual textures are straight, wavy and curly just as it has been cut off from the donor.

Single donor – Each bundle of raw hair is collected from a single donor – A real human being just like yourself, unlike other processed hair.

Good texture - Raw hair is usually more coarse in texture when compared to many processed hair. The best raw hair on the market today is Cambodian hair. It is the most coarse of them all. Other common raw hair types are Vietnamese, Indonesian and Burmese hair. Also, raw hair texture is good for curling as it withstands heat.

Durability/Life span – Raw hair could last anywhere between 3 and 5 years, whilst most processed hair would have a life span of around 6 months to 2 years.


We hope this article was helpful? Let's know your thoughts in the comment section.

Have a fabulous hair day Queens! xx

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