Hi there! Heard about HD lace frontal yet? We all know that wigs and hair extensions are becoming a staple thing for us ladies, and each day we witness certain evolution on the hair market. There have been lots of upgrades on hair that with no time, having an extension on your hair will absolutely feel like having your own hair on.

Previously in the history of hair extensions, wigs were stitched to our cornrows and a little hair were usually left in the center of our head to cover the lines of our weaves and give the illusion that it is our entire hair.

All the same, it is always convincing that it isn’t our hair because the texture never blends and our hair gives us away with its puffiness. Fast forward to recent times where frontals and closure are now in vogue. Giving our wigs and sew-ins a more natural look, saving us from all those struggles of making our hair and weaves blend and look the same.

However, things have continued to evolve, and now many women are looking for something that feels more like their own skin, and that’s why HD frontals are making the waves.

What is HD Lace Frontal

HD lace frontal (popularly called an invisible/illusion lace) is the new ULTRA thin lace that is completely undetectable when installed. It is so thin that it 100% disappears into your skin when worn, unlike its predecessors that are twice thicker.

HD lace frontal comes in either 13 X 4 or 13 X 6 usually from ear to ear. It is transparent and creates an excellent and natural hairline. It is a perfect finishing for your hair extension because it gives it a more defined look unlike the days of bringing your hair out. With HD frontals, your entire weaves feels like your natural hair.

Also, it is a common choice for women who may suffer from a lack of edges or receding hairline. Lace frontals provides a natural hairline where one doesn’t exist. HD illusion lace is an innovation of these popular lace frontals. Moreso, note that the HD frontal is also called Swiss lace.

What makes HD Frontal different from others
  1. HD frontal looks more transparent than normal lace which can melt into your skin more perfectly to make your hairline less visible.

For many women, the main reason for wearing weaves is to make the weaves look as natural as possible. As you can see in the picture below, the HD lace (Swiss lace) can melt into your skin much better than normal lace, which makes your hairline look more natural.

HD frontal

HD lace VS Normal lace

2. Another quality of this frontal is that it’s thinner, more delicate and more transparent than normal lace. HD lace frontal is soft and does not contain the extra material or plastic that makes its installation process difficult.

3. It is also good to know that HD lace frontal is an undetectable lace that is excellent for every skin tone. It may not need to be bleached or coloured because it completely matches the colour of your scalp.

4. In addition, it is translucent, it reflects the light of cameras in a way to make your lace appear like the scalp, HD lace frontal can use a glueless method and it is less itchy.
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