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Hey welcome to Dellahs Hair, you have found yourself on the right page for the best quality hair.


Now let us explain a few bits about Raw Cambodian Straight Hair to you.


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 What is Raw Hair?

Raw hair is hair that has never been altered by any form of mechanical or chemical processing. It is 100% Human Hair with its cuticles still intact. Raw Cambodian Straight Hair is collected directly from its donor, washed, conditioned and then sold to the end consumer in the form of clip-ins, wefts, tape, tips, wigs (Click here to see this hair as a wig )


Here at Dellahs Hair, we source 100% Unprocessed Raw Human Hair from donor centers in Cambodia. Our Raw Hair is NOT mixed with any synthetic fibres or fillers. It is also not Remy Hair.


We collect from single donors which means that each bundle of hair is from one person. So if for example you buy 2 bundles, you may see a slight difference in the 2 different bundles as they are from 2 different human beings.

The Process

You are probably thinking what do we then do to the hair after it has been collected. We wash, condition and air dry it after which we weft it. Click here to see a video of how we do this.


Before the wefting process, we double draw the hair. This is an additional process during sorting, where shorter hairs are removed by hand and not by a machine. Therefore, the hair is full and thick from the root to the tips.


It may also interest you to know that when you received your Dellahs Raw Hair, it will have a clean natural smell and not the machine-made synthetic smell and this is simply because it is hair that has been donated by another human being. So, no nasty smells at all and even when heat is applied, it doesn’t give off a burning smell either.


Why Cambodian Hair?

Simple answer is Durability. We’re in love with Cambodian Hair because it is VERY strong and will last for many years.


The 2 main contributing factors to hair damage are heat and chemicals and Cambodian hair can withstand a good amount heat and chemical processing.


Hey, don’t go overboard with the heat and chemicals, but just be aware that Cambodian Hair can withstand a lot more heat and chemicals than finer hair textures mainly because it’s quite coarse.


Awesome stuff! Don’t you think we have to thank South East Asians for selling their beautiful hair for use by the rest of the world because their hair quality is clearly next to none?


Simply put, Raw Cambodian Straight Hair is real value for money.


Each bundle weighs 100 grams

Very Fast Shipping

DHL Express Worldwide shipping 1-5 days. UK next day delivery available. Click here for more on shipping.


Don’t forget to check out our YouTube here for more Raw Hair videos