Raw Hair

Raw hair is hair that has never been altered by any form of mechanical or chemical processing after it has been collected from its donor. It is 100% Human Hair, which means it is collected directly from its donor. After which it is washed, conditioned and sold to the end consumer in the form of clip-ins, wefts, tape, tips, wigs etc…⁠

It has become a popular choice for many hair fanatics especially those looking for the best quality Human Hair. This is because Raw Hair acts just like your own natural hair and blends really well as long as you choose the right Raw Hair texture for your hair type.


 As its name suggest is the purest form Human Hair on the market today, as it is collected direct from a real human being.


It is are popularly collected in countries like Russia (popularly called slavic hair), Cambodia, Burma (now called Myanmar), Vietnam, India, Laos, Indonesia and many more. 

Dellahs Pure Raw Cambodian donor Hair Factory in Cambodia


Dellahs Raw Cambodian Hair collection from donors

Dellahs Raw Cambodian Hair collection from donors

How To Choose Raw Hair

When choosing, you want to make sure to match your hair type to Raw Hair that is the closest to yours texture wise. 

For example, if you have really fine hair, you should choose slavic hair as they most often tend to have finer hair textures than Cambodian hair. On the other hand, if you hair more on the coarse side, then Cambodian hair is more likely to blend with your hair seamlessly. 

Raw Hair Pattern/Styles

Although, Raw Hair mainly comes in straight, wavy or curly, steam can be used to achieve other textures like deep wave, deep curly. over the years. There has been this misconception that once hair is steamed, its is no longer Raw. When in actual fact steaming does a lot more good for hair than one can imagine. More on Steaming here. 

washing Dellahs Raw Cambodian Hair collected from donors in cambodia

Dellahs Raw Hair Factory

Dellahs Raw Cambodian Hair steamed and unsteamed Raw Hair


What makes raw hair different from others

There are many reasons raw hair stands out among any other hair. Not just because it is the highest quality of hair in the market, but it has many qualities other hair don’t. Let’s take a look at these qualities, shall we?

  1. Raw hair comes with all its cuticles intact, which are naturally aligned in one direction to prevent it from matting and tangling. Also, every bundle of raw hair is unique because each hair from a donor has a distinct natural hair pattern. Therefore no raw hair is the same.
  2. Its texture is the best. They are usually more coarse in texture when compared to other hair types like virgin hair. Clearly, some hair vendors sell silky hair as raw hair to their unsuspecting customers in the name of authentic hair. You should be wary when your raw hair comes so silky sis. A good advantage of coarse hair is that, if you’re into curls- it does hold a curl for at least 4 weeks without you having to re-curl it. While silky virgin hair doesn’t last with curls, max hold for a curl is around 2 days. 
  3. It is usually double drawn due to an additional process it undergoes during sorting. This process allows shorter hair to be removed by hand and not by a machine. Therefore, making the hair full and thick from top to bottom. On the other hand, other hair types are majorly single drawn.
  4. Another benefit is that it takes to bleaching or colouring than most other hair types. Although we advise you to use a professional and good quality colouring materials. Since it is is hair from another human being, it must be treated with the exact amount of care.
  5.  Also, other hair types could get burned or matted easily during bleaching or colouring. This is because the hair has previously been chemically treated so adding more chemicals just damages the cuticles of the hair.
Dellahs Cambodian Blonde frontal

Dellahs Cambodian Blonde frontal

Cambodian Raw hair after bleaching/lightening

Above all, raw hair lasts longer than other hair types. It could last at least 5 years with proper care. Whilst other hair types would have a life span of around 6 months to 1 year.

There is a reason why raw hair is probably one the most expensive hair type on the market today. And this is because it has a lot more benefits than the other hair types. When you purchase it, you are paying for more quality and value at the same time. Most other hair types come as a cheaper alternative to it.

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