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Are you looking for hair that will hold curl for a longer period? Or you are planning to switch to a better hair that can hold more curls? Whatever that brings you here, we have a solution to it. Just stick to this article.

One of the many challenges of women who love hair extensions is that it is hard finding the right hair. With the amount of sham in the hair market today, it is hard getting the best quality of hair that sticks to what you want it to be.

Having hair that you can curl and could last up to 2 weeks or more is a delight. No one actually has time to spend curling their hair all the time. And that's why we advise you to invest in raw hair, as it's the best hair that holds a curl.

Why raw hair is the best hair to hold curl

Raw hair is 100% Unprocessed Human Hair, which means that it has not been chemically treated. Permed or steam treated to alter its natural state. Equally, they are usually cut from a single donor and have all its cuticles intact unlike other hair from multiple donors. Although. Another reason you should opt for raw hair when looking for the best hair to hold a curl is because of its texture.

Raw hair is usually more coarse in texture when compared to other hair types, which makes it the best for curls. However, they are many raw hair in the market today, but if you want the best of the best sis, then Cambodian hair is the way to go.

Dellahs Raw Wavy Cambodian Human hair Weft Extensions- Best Hair to hold curls.png
                                                        Dellahs Raw Cambodian Human Hair after 3 weeks of curling
Why go Cambodian

The reason is that it is the most coarse of them all. Other common raw hair types are Vietnamese, Indonesian, and Burmese hair. A good advantage of Cambodian hair is that it holds curls for at least 4 weeks without you having to re-curl it. Other raw hair could never, max hold for a curl is around 2 days.

Furthermore, why Cambodian raw hair will best maintain curls is because they are double drawn. This means it underwent an additional process during sorting, whereby shorter hairs were removed by hand and not by a machine. Making the hair fuller and thick from top to bottom, as seen in the picture below. This process equally gives the hair enough weight to hold the curls.

One more reason you should go for raw hair when looking for hair that will hold curl is, it is more durable. Cambodian raw hair could last anywhere between 3 and 5 years, whilst its counterparts have a life span of around 6 months to 2 years.

Also, raw hair withstands more heat than any other kind of hair. So you don't have to worry over your hair melting away or damaging when applying heat to it. Believe us sis, raw Cambodian hair is the way to go, go get yours here.

Hope this article was helpful, tell us your thought in the comment section.

Keep slaying Queens! xx

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