5 Date night hairstyles you should rock

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Date night

Are you looking for a great hairstyle to accompany your outfit for your date night? Look no more sis, because we are about to give you jaw-dropping styles that will keep your date all glued to your hair.

Whether you are planning a night out with the love of your life or with your girlfriends, your hairstyle is a good way to change your look. Dates are very important and we want you to make it a memorable one.

Here are some fabulous looks.

The big sexy wave

Here is a daring look that can come with different patterns, either the side part, center part or just all back option, waves gives the luxury look and the good thing is that it can go on all outfit.

Whether you are planning to wear a casual outfit, going for a chic look, this style is one fit for everything.

All you need to achieve this look is a curling iron or rollers, a good hair extension, and a hair spray.

Rihanna in her fierce wavy look

Sleek and stick straight

This look is one sure to look calm and still fabulous. You can wear it short or long, whichever way you wish, you are on your way to looking fabulous.

This is mostly a killer look for celebrities like Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Lopez. And the most popular rocked styles on red carpets.

For a look like this, a hair straightener will be needed to straighten the hair and hairspray to keep it shiny and moisturized.


Fringes are so heavenly sis, and it has a way of molding and sculpting your face into perfection. Think about a fringe in a strapless dress for that your romantic date, that would just be perfect.

But before you go for a fringe, you will want to consider your face shape. According to popular hairstylist, Paul Edmonds, 'anyone can pull off a fringe, but they have to be adapted to the shape of the face. Many assume that fringes need to be hard and blunt but this style doesn’t work with all face shapes, there are so many styles of fringes that can be tailored to each face'.

You saw that right? So whatever your taste is, just make sure it matches your face.


We all know that buns are one hairstyle that can never go out of fashion, especially the voluminous ones. Buns make your entire face to pop, it also gives this comfort as you don't have to flick your hair or have it resting on your body. Buns are so alluring, and showing your entire face is one way to keep that date memorable, just make sure you lay the edges in a flowery pattern.

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Yes, we said that. Braids have been a staple hairstyle in the history of hair for what seems like forever and it is also a good look for any kind of date. The history of braids dates back to 3500 BC.

In other words, braids have maintained a historical legacy that’s here to stay. From classic cornrows and simple three-strand braids to Dutch braids and more, this symbolic style has been a sign of societal status, ethnicity, religion, and more.

Also, braids are so stylish depending on the style you are opting for.

Hair is one of your biggest accessories and for a date night, you need to look so peng. Which look are you going for? tell us in the comment section.

Have a great date dolls!! xx


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