Hair as a fashion accessory

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Do you consider your hair part of your fashion accessories or you simply go along with whatever the day brings?

Throughout history, hair has been a significant part of a woman's dressing and it has become one of the greatest fashion accessories for the modern woman. For some women, a bad hair day is the same as a bad day, so they take ample time taking care of their hair.

Hair is the first thing someone notices about you before they notice your outfit and other fashion accessories that complement your look. That's to say Sis, it is essential that your hair is a statement or a bang. You don't want to be caught looking unfleek, do you?

Anyway, fashion has evolved to accommodate more styles and trends. Giving room for individuals to define their own fashion statements. Many women are becoming more courageous dressing and styling themselves for their own comfort, other than trends.

This is to say, when it comes to hair and fashion it basically has to be what you are most comfortable with. After all, the goal is to look great and smart with every accessor you adorned yourself with.

For instance, Keyshia Ka'oir Davis, the CEO and founder of KA'OIR Fitness, Cosmetics and Hair is one woman who understands the aesthetics of complementing fashion with their hairstyles and we stan!

Keyshia's outfit and hair have been a hit back to back. From amazing red carpet dressing to her gym wears to just a random evening wears. She never goes wrong in any outfit and she has become a fashion inspiration to many.

Investing in your hair

Just like the way you make out time to plan your outfit for that special occasion. It's great idea if you consider your hair as part of the whole package, having good hair is good business.

Some women don't see the need to plan out their hair alongside their outfit. For some women, their hair comes up as a quick fix, just brush and there you go! In this day and age, it looking like more is more when it comes to hair.

We don't advise you to become so consumed with your looks, but we must agree that looks matter and your hair is one of the first things to consider when you are trying to pull off a great look. Our appearance impacts our personal, social and professional lives. Let's just call it a beauty self-esteem. Lol!

Another female who takes pride accessorizing both with their hair and style is black American rapper Nicki Minaj. Be it on stage, on a red carpet even a night out with her fans. Nicki's hair is always on fleek.

Hair as an identity

Historically, hair has played a significant role in fashion. It has been a symbol of identity over the years and has continued to evolve into more complex things. Fashion has equally played a role in people's self-image way back.

During the Greek and Roman times, elaborate wigs were signs of status and wealth. Beautiful hair was associated with royalty and worn like a crown. Egyptian Queen, Cleopatra was famous for her thick, black locks. 

An illustrated image of Cleopatra from a movie

Also, during the American Colonial times, upper-class men and women wore white, curly wigs. Political figures and judges also adorned them as a sign of wisdom and sophistication.

A painting of men in wigs in the 1580's

Moreover, hair has been highly valued throughout history and has continued to represent how we view ourselves today.

Accessorizing yours

There is no distinct way to accessorise your hair with your day to day event. But taking good care of your hair using the basic hair care routine is a great start. Hair isn't only limited to your weaves, it also goes down to your natural hair because you still want to look good even after your weaves are off. Additionally, another great way to pull off a perfect hair day while wearing hair extensions is by investing in a good hair. We advise it should always be raw hair, as it is the best on the market.

Below are other ways you could take care of your hair.

  1. Wash your hair.
  2. Dry your hair on cool heat if you have to use a blow dryer.
  3. Always brush your hair from the tips to root.
  4. Give your hair special treatment from time to time, like steaming.
  5. Go easy on styling products.
  6. Accessorise your healthy, gorgeous hair.
  7. Eat healthy foods that will keep your hair strong and lustrous

So tell us, do you regard your hair as a fashion accessory? Let us know in the comment section.

Have a great hair day dolls! xx

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