Human Hair Extensions For Braiding

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Are you looking for the best human hair extension? Or just tired of using the regular hair extension on the market for your braids? We know that feeling of wanting a change, and besides sis, some of these regular hair extensions for braids are mostly synthetic, which ends up pulling your hair and even causes traction alopecia.

You deserve to feel good in a braid that feels like your hair when you run your fingers through it. That's why in this article we will introduce you to other hair extensions for braids other than the regular one.

If you are looking for quality and long-lasting extensions for your next braid, we advise you to use human hair extension, especially raw hair. Raw hair extension comes in different forms, either in wefts or in bulk.

While the wefts are the most popular one on the market today use for sew-ins and wigs. The bulk, on the other hand, is the human hair that hasn't be wefted, and that's the best for your braids, keratin bonds, and Brazillian knots.

Why use raw human hair extension - Raw hair is the best. It is unprocessed hair from a single donor that has never been altered or chemically treated to alter its natural state.

Advantages of using raw human hair extensions for braiding

Human hair extensions are one of the most comfortable extensions for braids on the market. This extension provides a certain kind of comfort unlike most regular hair extensions used for braids. Although there is a lot of human hair extensions on the market today that can be used for braiding, however, the purest of them all is RAW HAIR.

Below are the reasons why you should consider raw human hair extension.


Raw hair has the best texture like your actual hair. So when used for braids it will give the same feeling as your normal hair. Note that to achieve the best braid with this extension, a coarse or curlier hair will grip better, be easier to handle, and will hold the style longer.

We advise you to go for raw Cambodian hair, as it is the most coarse of all the hair types.


Many hair extensions for braids are sharp. They often tug and pull your hair which will lead to hair loss. In some cases, because of its hard nature, it pricks on your skin and can cause bruises. That's a lot of trouble to go through because you want to look good. When you can be comfortable with the raw human hair extension. Raw human hair extension is a safe and comfortable option because the texture is just like your hair since it is an actual raw hair cut from a donor. Equally some regular hair extensions are hard and can make your hair break. This is as a result of the synthetic fiber used during its production.


Human hair extensions, mostly raw hair doesn't have machine processed smell like other braids extensions. It has a natural smell like your actual hair because it has never been processed or chemically steamed. Whereas the regular braid extension has this foul smell it exudes when it pulled out from its packaging. That smell is from the silicone and other chemicals used in its production. More reason to invest in raw hair, we don't want you to be haunted by that foul smell forever.


Nothing lasts better than raw hair. So when it comes to human hair extension always go for raw hair. This hair is known for its durability and can last when braided for about 6 months to a year, depending on how well you maintain it.


Human hair extensions are the best when you are looking for versatility with your braids. It could be packed and styled in different ways and it doesn't even give the illusion that you have braids on because it looks like your natural hair colour.

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