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Hey there! We know you must be curious about knowing the best human hair on the market today, especially with the number of hair types sold by vendors, it has become a difficult task finding the best hair.

However, there are lots of good and bad hair on the market but the best human hair you can always count on is Raw Hair. Yes! raw hair is the best human hair on the market.

Why Raw Hair?

Raw hair is the purest hair on the market today, equally, it has great features that make it different from other hair types like virgin hair. First, Raw hair is cut from donors (A real human being) and it is often unprocessed, unlike other hair types.

Also, why raw hair is the best is, it doesn’t have the machine processed smell like most other human hair types. Some human hair comes with a nasty smell because of some additional process it had to go through. However, raw hair comes just as clean from its donor.

Below we will look at other features that make the hair type the best ever on the market.


Raw hair is the best hair with quality texture. It is known to be coarse in nature which makes it the best hair to hold a curl. Unlike other hair type that is silky and shiny because of the silicone used in its processing. Also, most hair types don’t hold much curl as raw hair.

Another good feature of raw hair is that; raw straight hair stays bone straight when it’s wet, it doesn’t curl. While the wavy raw hair stays wavy when it is wet as well. If you are into fuller curls, raw hair holds curls long enough unlike other hair types.

Double drawn

Raw hair is always double drawn. This means there was an additional process during sorting, whereby shorter hair was removed by hand rather than a machine, making it thick from top to bottom as seen below. Whereas, other hair types have more of shorter hair and it is usually thin at the bottom.

Double drawn hair
Virgin hair vs raw hair
Amount of donors

Raw hair is known to be collected from a single donor. (A real human being) While other hair types might be collected from multiple donors. In some cases, hairballs, fallen hair or remnants collected from saloons, temples are cleansed and mixed with synthetic fiber to make most other hair types.

Hair donors

Raw hair smells like your natural hair after it has been cleaned. Since it hasn’t been altered or chemically processed to give foul smell like virgin hair. Virgin hair on the other hand always comes with this machine-made kinda smell. Since it had to undergo a lot of processes to achieve its silky, shiny look.


Raw hair has a natural hair colour known as colour 1b or 2 and not jet black like most hair types. Most donors don’t have jet black hair and therefore, authentic raw hair will come in its natural colour.  Raw hair colour is suitable for most women because it blends well with your hair colour.


Raw hair cuticles are healthy and naturally aligned in the same direction which reduces the risk of matting and tangling. While processed hair like virgin hair may have fewer and possibly damaged cuticles. 
Note: Always run your fingers through the hair very gently from top to bottom and vice versa to check if the cuticles are intact.

Double Wefted

Raw hair is usually double wefted and the wefts are made of an extra seal. This even makes it last longer than other hair types because it doesn’t shed since the hair has been held firmly by the weft.


Another quality of raw hair is that it will take more colour than most hair types. This is so because, it acts just like your natural hair when bleached, unlike other hair type that has been processed. Processed hair won’t take in colour and it will further damage the hair and its cuticles because it has already been processed.

Bulk hair
Raw hair after colouring and bleaching

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