4 Reasons Why Your Hair Affects Your Mood

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Has your hair ever affected your mood? For many women, their day starts properly after they must have done their hair and for many, a bad hair day plummets their confidence. 

Hair is one of the biggest fashion accessories for the modern woman and is part of the dress-up routine. Good hair gives you confidence, and that’s why much effort is needed to achieve it, as it goes a long way to determine your mood.

According to a survey, your strands can have a huge impact on your mood. 44% of women who were surveyed said they felt bad because of their hair, especially when it doesn’t come out perfectly as they want.

Undoubtedly, hair has an impact on your happiness. Ever noticed a difference in your mood when you’re having a good hair day vs. a bad hair day? I can attest to the fact that the latter sucks.

Still doubting whether your hair can influence your mood? Here are some ways it could.

It’s floaty, perfect and fabulous

Good hair speaks the loudest sis! When your hair is well styled, healthy and moisturized, nothing can ruin your day. Lol! Seriously you can’t match your perfect hair day to your non-perfect days, the feeling is different.

Good hair is a superpower to push through all the hard moments the day brings, because you can easily shrug off any challenge with a flick of your fabulous hair. Good hair is so elevating PERIOD!

You’re overdue for a hairdo

Another way your hair can change your mood is when you are overdue for a hairdo. Old hair makes us all feel uncomfortable, it can sometimes affect your mood and make you feel incomplete.

In essence, old hair doesn’t just add that needed glow in your outfit, no matter how glamorous it is. This can equally make you feel like you are missing out. Besides, good hair always spice up an outfit.

old hair
Messy hair

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Humidity is one reason hair breaks out or frizz. Healthy natural hair generally keeps about 15 percent of water weight and in humid conditions can retain 30% of the total moisture. On the other hand, weaves or extensions will go dry if not properly moisturized and this will make the hair look unkempt, frizzled and tad-dry. Good reason to always wash your hair.

Washing your hair is basic hair care tips and things will begin to go wrong when you miss out on that for some time. Not washing your hair can make you feel gunky and might affect your mood.

It can make your hair smell, especially if you have been using hair products and a smelly hair isn’t what you want to be associated with sis. Things can even get worse, your hair might matt or tangle. You don’t want things like that spoiling your mood.

Your amazing new products isn’t so amazing after all

Nothing is more frustrating when your great hair products don’t meet up with your expectations. Many women have complained about how some products they buy don’t meet up to their claim.

Bad hair products can entirely ruin your hair and leave you completely moody. Getting products that best suit your hair is one great tip to hair care, this may require the assistance of a hair professional who understands the texture of your hair or weave.

Hair products

Generally, good hair is unbeatable and it adds up to our everyday emotion. How do you take care of yours?

Have a good hair Queen! xx

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