Sew in or wigs - which would you rather rock?

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A wig with Burmese curly hair.

Ever been on the spot where you have to decide whether to invest in wigs or just get weaves for sew-in? We understand that feeling sis, sew-in, and wigs have many advantages, and using any depends on the comfort you seek, as well as your lifestyle and budget.

If you are a girl who loves versatile styles, then wigs are for you. On the other hand, if you are one who is just okay with a one style fit all, then sew-in is a great option as well. They are many reasons to either rock a wig or a sew-in, even both at a time, it solely depends on what you are aiming for.

Here, let's look at some of the options that a wig or a sew-in provides before you finally take a pick.

Stability and commitment

There is no doubt that sew-ins provides more stability and commitment than wigs. A sew-in allows you commit to your hair about one to three months before thinking of another install. Whereby a wig is always a quick choice for women who want to reapply their hair every morning.

Also, wigs are equally good for women who desire to switch hairstyles, textures, and colours often, not that sew-in can't provide such options, but it is easier with wigs. For most women who are always on the go, sew-in may come as a better option. Another reason why wigs might be resentful for some women is that it doesn't provide better stability like a sew-in.

For instance, you don't want to always look over your head to make sure your wig is intact when a heavy wind blows, neither do you want to hop into a pool thinking, what if your wig falls off, right? Although these wigs come with adjustable straps that hold it on your head, it sometimes can be worrisome.


The one advantage of buying a wig for many women is the convenience and flexibility of being able to take them on and off as they go throughout their weeks and months. Sew-ins can't offer that. Wigs as well, bring a sort of comfort, imagine having an itchy scalp while wearing a wig, you can easily pull it off and just scratch, right? Lol! But on a sew-in, that's quite a battle.

Sew-ins equally have their own convenience as they are stuck to your head and you won't have to worry about adjusting its styling. For many women, You simply have to comb it and there you go. It all depends on what you want.


Obviously, wigs or sew-ins provide comfort it actually depends on the wearer. While some women may dislike one for the other, some combine both. But while choosing, have in mind that wigs are more comfortable because of their versatility.

To get a sew-in look, hair is often braided in cornrows and sown with a thread to keep it stuck to your head. This often can be so tight and can cause traction alopecia for some women. On the other hand, a wig is always easy to install and most times doesn't require you to wear them over braided hair.

Wigs are cool options for women with traction alopecia.
Wigs are cool options for women with traction alopecia.

Protective hairstyle

Well, many things can lead to hair growth, especially diet, vitamins, and genetics. But wigs help you maintain your hair growth because nothing is tugged to your hair and there is enough air and moisture since it isn't always covered with an extension.

Also, for your hair to grow you have to wash them often and avoid much heat or stress on it. Wigs are actually the plug for that because you only have to wear a wig over your hair without braiding which you can always pull off at will. This helps to maintain your natural hair.

Wigs give room for more hair growth
Wearing wigs allows your natural hair to grow.

Budget and longevity

Both wigs and sew-in can last, it all depends on the quality of hair you installed. We advise you to always go for raw hair when choosing a hair extension. (Click here to get your best raw hair.) Although, some women believe that it cost more to get a sew-in than a wig as one has to pay for the professional installation. But regardless, it doesn't cost much to get your hair installed by a stylist.

In conclusion, you can completely rock the both if you desire, switching to any at ease. There is no better one sis, it all depends on your style and taste. So tell us are you a wig or sew-in person, or both?

Keep slaying dolls! xx

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