Raw Hair is UNPROCESSED hair–exactly as it has been collected from its donor.
No chemicals like silicones have been added to the hair.
When collected from the donor, the hair is thoroughly cleaned before it is then packaged and sent to you. See more pictures and videos here.

Raw Hair can last up to 5 years depending on how you care for it.
This hair has been cut off from another human being so it will be missing some nutrients. This is when you will need to artificially feed it back all the nutrients it may be missing. Failure to do this will reduce the life span of your Raw Hair.
We have a range of products specially formulated for Raw Hair.

Our hair is sourced direct from Cambodia.
Dellahs Raw Hair is not mixed with any rubbish from China.
No tricks or gimmicks here- just Raw Hair.

NO- there are no hair collection temples in Cambodia.
Dellahs Raw Hair is collected directly from the donor.

Raw Donor Human Hair is from another human being like you so it will have a clean natural smell when you receive it not the synthetic machine-made smell like the ones from China.

This means that each bundle of hair is collected from one person’s head.

This means that the hair undergoes an additional process during manufacturing where shorter hairs are removed by hand and not by a machine.
Therefore, the hair is full and thick from top to bottom.

Dellahs Raw wavy will hold a curl for at least 2 weeks- Yes, no jokes. See it here 
Cambodian hair is more coarse in texture which is why this is possible especially if you also look after your Raw Hair well.

Yes, you can but minimal heat is advised.
Also, Dellahs Raw Hair has no nasty smells when heat is applied.

This is natural hair from another human being so it’s only normal that 1 or 2 strands may come off just like when you brush your own hair. More on this here.
We recommend you use a wide tooth comb and ONLY comb/brush your hair from the bottom to the top.
Under no circumstance should you brush your hair from the top to the bottom, you will tangle and damage the hair.

Raw hair can be coloured/bleached/dyedbut we suggest you hire a professional to do this and if you choose to do it yourself, please use the best quality hair colouring products or purchase our already coloured Raw Hair

2 bundles for lengths 8 -12;
3 bundles for lengths 12 – 20;
4 or more bundles for lengths 20 – 30.

Yes we do for our returning customers or from our partners/affiliates.

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