Straight Closure (6×6)


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Raw Cambodian Straight Closure

  • Dellahs Raw Hair Lace Closure is carefully sourced direct from Cambodia. It is from a single donor, this means that the hair is from a real human being, just like you. Dellahs Raw Hair is not to be mistaken with the Virgin hair types on the market today.
  • 100% Unprocessed Raw Hair – Dellahs Raw Hair is NOT mixed with any synthetic fibres. Cambodian Raw Hair is more coarse in texture than most others. It has no nasty smells and even when heat is applied, it doesn’t give off a smell.
  • Swiss Lace – We use Swiss lace which is very durable and of a very high quality to give the best results when matching your lace to your scalp. Fits most skin complexions.
  • Thin knots – Dellahs Lace Closure is designed with thin knots that bleach very easily. This gives a natural look to your hairline and scalp.
  • We recommend that you’re very gentle whilst brushing/combing. Use either a wide tooth comb or a soft brittle boar brush our lace products to avoid pulling out the strands of hair.
  • Double Drawn – this means that the hair undergoes an additional process during sorting, where shorter hairs are removed by hand and not by a machine. Therefore, the hair is full and thick from root to tip.
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